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What is content marketing?​

What is content marketing?​​

Content Marketing is a powerful tool used by companies to reach their customers. By creating and distributing engaging, informative content pieces, brands are able to boost customer loyalty as well as increase brand awareness–ultimately leading towards increased sales.

Branding yourself as an industry thought leader is key in today’s competitive marketplace. Utilizing a comprehensive strategy that leverages blogging, social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn, email marketing campaigns, video storytelling for deeper connection with your audience, and informative infographics which simplify complex topics will ensure you stand out from the competition.

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Innovative companies know that having an informative and engaging blog is key to staying ahead in their industry. By developing content around product information, company updates, as well as thought-provoking posts on major topics related to the industry, businesses are able to position themselves at the forefront of knowledge in their sector. With a combination of regularly updated articles optimised for google search engines – all supported by strong writing skills – organic search rankings will blossom!

social Sharing

Social Sharing

With people from New Zealand and all over the world utilizing social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram daily, these platforms provide an ideal opportunity for engaging customers through sharing photos, blog content videos and trust-building stories. We can help in creating effective content marketing strategies that leverage this power of connection across all major channels.

social Sharing
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Video Marketing

Telling your brand’s story through visually-engaging video content is an invaluable way to build relationships with customers and foster trust. From YouTube, social networks, websites and beyond – all the way to paid ads – you can leverage powerful visuals that will give a face (and personality!) to your company in order to help drive sales.

Downloadable Materials​

Downloadable Materials

What better way to provide value than free, downloadable materials? Give potential customers a sneak peek of what you have to offer. Your free guides or ebooks might be what convinces them to become invested in your brand.

Downloadable Materials


Staying in touch with customers is key to building a successful relationship. Entice them to subscribe to your email newsletter and keep the connection alive, by providing regular updates packed full of company content – keeping their knowledge up-to-date! Building a lead magnet to gain subscribers is an effective way to build your subscriber base.


Podcasts are a rapidly progressing content medium, offering an innovative means to share industry insight and establish your business as an authority in its field. With only minimal equipment needed – like a microphone and recording software – you can jumpstart your own podcasting journey with interesting topics of discussion!

Content marketing Calculator

Our content pricing is determined by factors such as word count, advanced SEO optimization, and whether image sourcing or publishing services are needed. You can specify the desired length for content, or we can research and base the content length on the average word count of top-ranking Google results for each target keyword. This approach enhances the likelihood of driving traffic to your content but may restrict the number of posts and topics covered within your budget.

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Content Marketing Advantages:​

Content Marketing Advantages:​

In today’s world, traditional advertising is becoming increasingly ineffective. Consumers are using ad-blocking software, and ads that disrupt their online experience are often ignored. Content marketing offers a solution to this problem.

By creating highly informative and engaging content that resonates with your target audience, you can add value to their online experience and capture their attention.

Content marketing allows you to reach your audience in a more natural and organic way, making it a highly effective way to promote your brand and drive growth. We can help you carve out your piece of Digital-estate by offering high-quality content and marketing it effectively online.

A successful content marketing strategy can offer several benefits, including:​

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Is Content Marketing Right For You?​

Content Marketing

Search engines are designed to present you with content. Therefore, it’s essential to have quality content indexed in search engines if you want traffic to view your content and convert into sales.

With the right approach, content marketing can be a powerful way to reach your target audience and achieve success. Consider these factors when evaluating if content marketing is suitable for your business:

  • What are you looking to accomplish?​
  • Who is your ideal customer demographic?
  • Do you have enough resources?​​
  • How competitive is the market landscape in which you’re operating?​

All content should be seen as an investment into more visibility online, we see this as digital real estate or “Digital Estate”, and it’s the foundation of what we do here. A solid content marketing strategy will not only help you rank for more keywords, but it will also show Google you’re an industry leader which is one of the key requirements for generating more organic search traffic from Google search.

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How content marketing fits in digital marketing strategies.

digital marketing strategies

We specialise in building digital assets for your business. Every new piece of content we create for you is a carefully crafted, well-researched and search-optimised asset.

Right from the start our content strategy for your business will be well-thought-through and planned meticulously to ensure each new piece of content adds value to your readers and moves you closer to your goals.In doing so we will improve your overall search visibility as we start ranking for new keywords you hadn’t targeted previously, and reinforce more competitive keywords you currently have no visibility for. A sound content marketing strategy is a foundational aspect of every search engine optimisation strategy as without content, you can not rank in search engines or convert customers into sales.

digital marketing strategies

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How We Can Help


We specialise mostly in content marketing with blog posts. Carefully selecting keywords, measuring keyword intent, clustering keywords and topics, mapping keywords to pages and creating detailed outlines for our quality content writers.

We built our own business with content and we continue to do so to this day. Here are some of the ways we can help you develop an effective content strategy within your budget.

  1. Goal-Setting for Your Content Marketing Strategy
  2. Setting Measurable KPIs
  3. Budgeting for Your Content Marketing Strategy
  4. Keyword research and Keyword Mapping
  5. Content Topic Selection
  6. Content Outline Development
  7. Creating High-Quality Content & Content Optimisation
  8. Publishing to WP (including Meta details and SEO Plugins)
  9. Content Calander Management
  10. Measuring Content Marketing Success

Digital Estate

Client Testimonials

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SEO Content Marketing Strategy

seo content

We specialise mostly in content marketing with blog posts. Carefully selecting keywords, measuring keyword intent, clustering keywords and topics, mapping keywords to pages and creating detailed outlines for our quality content writers.

Doing so involves two different types of content, both equally important and both serve an important role.

seo content
Pillar Content

Pillar Content

When we set out to create pillar content, we’re working towards creating an asset that rivals the best content for your topic online. These are resources for your audience and they target some of your most competitive keywords. These articles are written by industry experts, with high-quality graphics and in many cases, full webpage designs.

The pillar page is a hub where we send people to make the final decision, the decision to take action. As these pillar posts are not always able to rank by their own, they need supporting evidence.

Cluster Content

Cluster Content

Supporting content is usually much less content, very specific and to the point. Its purpose is to answer a question, or cover a point. This type of content is what makes up the bulk of a content marketing strategy.

The supporting (cluster) content is internally linked to the Pillar content and provides an easy way to target more keywords and drive that traffic to your pillar pages, as well as supporting evidence, authority and expertise that expands on the topic of the pillar. Google loves this, and so does your audience.

Cluster Content
Examples of Pillar and Cluster Content

Examples of Pillar and Cluster Content

Let’s suppose the pillar content is this page “Content Marketing Agency Auckland“. The following articles are some of our supporting (cluster) pages that help reinforce this pillar. Feel free to check them out!

  1. How to Develop a Content Plan that Works for Your Business
  2. How to Write High-Quality Blog Posts and Articles
  3. How to Rank Higher in Search Engines with Your Content
  4. How to Get Your Content in Front of Your Target Audience
  5. How to Measure the Success of Your Content Marketing Efforts
Digital Estate for Content Marketing?

Why Work With Digital Estate for Content Marketing?

In short, because our content marketing lead you directly to this page. You are our target audience and we will use the exact techniques that delivered you to us, to deliver more clients and customers to your business.

Besides the proof being in the pudding, we’re also a really approachable team, we’re local and when you purchase content through our store, or through our content and search strategies, you help keep Kiwis employed, one piece of content at a time.

Digital Estate for Content Marketing?
How long does it take to see results with content marketing?

How long does it take to see results with content marketing?

Results in search engines vary and no wizard can tell you exactly how long it might take. When it comes to content marketing, it’s best to measure your KPIs by the quality of content you are producing.

Content stays online for a long time and is an investment into your long-term search strategy. If competition is low, results will arrive faster. The fastest way to reach results is to get started and maintain a consistent content marketing strategy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Content marketing is like the secret sauce 🍔 that adds flavor to your business’s online presence. It’s all about creating and sharing value-packed content to charm your target audience, build trust, and drive results. Without content marketing, your business would be like a burger without the sauce—still edible, but not as delicious!

To cook up a tailor-made content marketing strategy for your business, we start by getting to know you, your goals, and your industry inside out. Then, like a master chef 👨‍🍳, we mix the perfect blend of content types, channels, and promotional tactics to help you reach your objectives.

If it’s written content, we can help. We have a team of talented writers ready to create compelling content for your site, your social platforms and your newsletters.  Currently we don’t do video content, but we can point you in the right direction if a videographer is required.

Ensuring engaging and relevant content is our specialty. We research your audience like we’re writing their biography, and we always stay in tune with industry trends. Plus, we use data and feedback to keep refining our recipes, so your content is always mouth-watering to your target audience.

When it comes to Search Engine Optimisation, we’ve got all bases covered. We select the finest keywords, optimise titles, meta descriptions, and more as standard practice. If you want even more bang for your buck, we use sophisticated technology to measure the number of keywords and frequency on the top ranking pages for your search term, then reverse engineer our results into your content, making sure search engines find your content as irresistible.

Yes absolutely. We follow our own rules when building and maintaining a content marketing strategy. Our SEO blog is just one example of a successful content strategy and has already helped us drive more targeted audiences to our website resulting in a great return on investment.

We track metrics like website traffic, engagement, lead generation, and conversions to show you the gains our content marketing efforts bring to your business.

Our typical turnaround time for content creation depends on the dish we’re serving up. Most content takes 7-10 business days to prepare, but complex projects may require a bit more time in the oven.

Our content marketing pricing model is based on the number of words written and the optimisation rate required.

Use our calculator above to work out exactly what your content marketing campaign will cost and what you will get for your investment.

We provide 2 rounds of revisions per project and we’re always ready to accommodate additional requests to make your content perfect.

We consistently attend conferences, participate in webinars, and follow thought leaders to stay at the top of our game in the content marketing arena. Additionally we monitor results across our own web properties and our clients websites to make sure what we’re doing is working well.

To ensure consistency in brand voice and messaging, we work with you to develop a brand guideline and stick to it like glue. Our team becomes fluent in your brand’s language, ensuring a seamless integration of content. If we don’t have a writer on board who is an expert in your field, we’ll look for one! Alternatively, we can provide article outlines that you can share with your own writers.

We’ll keep the communication lines open, share project updates, and seek your feedback at every stage of content creation. By working together, we make beautiful content that resonates with your audience. However, we also offer a more handsfree approach for our clients looking for less back and forth. You let us know how much oversight you want, well work within your requirements.

When it comes to niche industries or specialized products/services, we transform into content detectives 🕵️‍♀️, conducting extensive research to become well-versed in your unique field. If needed, we can even collaborate with subject matter experts to ensure our content is as accurate and credible as possible. As mentioned earlier, we’ll seek out an expert content writer in your industry if required.


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