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Scott – aka The man behind the curtain: I’ve been building, optimising, testing and promoting businesses online since well before I started Digital Estate. My journey into digital marketing started before I left my army career, when I first decided building a business online was my future. From the very first html website right through to global ecommerce brands, I’ve successfully built, rebuilt, re-engineered, optimised and marketed websites in almost any genre and scale in NZ, AU, UK, USA and recently, Canada.

It’s not all been client work though, in my own downtime I build my own online property which I call “Digital Estate”, as this gives me the perfect opportunity to try new marketing techniques, enter new markets and increase the online assets available to me and my clients marketing campaigns. At first my goal was to increase my work life balance, but now I have found my passion I regularly find myself deep in flow mode at 2am, and I love every minute of it.

That SEO Specialist experience has helped me build my intuition, helping me quickly understand my clients needs and match that with the “low hanging fruit” opportunities still in the market. By doing so, we can get results faster allowing for better results and yet more opportunities.

New Zealand Digital Marketing Agency

Meet The Team

Scott Bradbury

Scott Bradbury

Web Master, SEO, Founder

Scott is the brains behind Digital Estate and owns multiple online businesses in New Zealand, Australia and the UK. With a passion for data and an eye for patterns, Scott has the knowledge to connect your business with your customers.
Gina Bessie

Gina Bessie

Graphic Design, PPC Expert

Gina is the Google Adwords and Facebook PPC expert at Digital Estate. With 5 years experience in SEO & PPC she has a wealth of knowledge and expertise to light a fire under your Google Ads and Retargeting campaigns.
User Experience Expert

John Adams

User Experience Expert

John has been helping us build high quality, user friendly websites designed to bring results in the Serps, and convert customers into sales. With User Experience more important than ever, john will bring your site inline with whats currently working.

Expert SEO Consulting - Specialist SEO services

I’m not going to sit here and tell you I know everything there is to know about digital marketing to an expert level, but I am an SEO expert, I do provide professional SEO consultant services in Australasia, and i'm driven to see results for myself and my clients sake. Search Engine Optimisation is my bread and butter, my golden goose the thing that draws my attention daily. That doesn’t mean I can’t produce excellent results using alternative marketing methods, I can and I do with the help of my dedicated teams.

We’re Experts In All things Digital Marketing

As much as I love to talk about myself (just kidding), I couldn’t provide the full service digital marketing agency I do without the expertise of my world class team. From Adwords marketing, to user experience focused, seo optimised websites. Our team is dedicated to bringing our clients to the forefront by gaining as many eyeballs from qualified, targeted customers as possible. Because we offer a range of services, you know the advice we give is genuine. A company that offers less services might be inclined to promote what they have, and not what you need. We won’t ever do that.

Custom Built Systems - Outstanding Results

We are suckers for streamlining and systemising everything. Doing so has allowed us to cut down on staff members, work from the comfort of our own homes and increase productivity for our clients while cutting costs. Technology is amazing these days and with the help of sophisticated tools, some custom coding and the brainpower of a dedicated highly qualified team, we have designed the systems we need to complete our projects faster and with more accuracy. All these gains are passed onto our clients, and the results speak for themselves.

Full Service SEO & PPC Agency for New Zealand

Regardless of your requirements, I’m confident you can benefit from just one call with the right New Zealand SEO consultant. I have experience in most online marketing services and where I don’t have the experience, I have the team to inform me and help me get that information to you quickly.

Currently We Offer the Following Services to Australasia.

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If you are ready to get on a call and discuss your requirements or would like to send us an email, I would love to hear from you.

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