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We’re an experienced, up to date SEO company who provide data driven results.

Why Outsource SEO Services

Outsourcing SEO services (search engine optimisation) to a well known SEO specialist consultant with years of experience in the local australasin market can be an excellent way to complement your own services and increase revenue. Website design and development, or PPC services both work in synergy and by not offering the whole suite, you leave yourself open to losses through the clients need to find a full service marketing agency.
Over the years we here at Digital Estate have developed a range of comprehensive SEO packages that work for any business both here in New Zealand, and across the ditch. All standard SEO packages come with upto 20% commission for the life of the client contract.

Build a recurring Monthly Revenue by
Outsourcing SEO work to us

We understand – as a full-service marketing agency, web designer, salesperson or just a stay at home parent looking to build a recurring income, you probably want to include SEO in your available services. However, building a team, setting up processes and dealing with the constantly changing SEO environment takes time, money, dedication and consistency that can take away from your other services. Don’t let the potential go to waste. Partner with Digital Estate as your white-label SEO service provider.

We have options for everyone.

No matter who you are, you can benefit from selling seo services to NZ & Australian businesses to make a profit. We’re dedicated to providing high quality services and unprecedented customer support. That includes supporting you in selling our services.

Are you an agency looking to outsource SEO?

If you’re an agency selling other digital products like Adwords or webdesign, you already have clients who would be interested and possibly willing to pay for search engine optimisation. By partnering with us, you can offer more to your clients, increasing your profits and also increasing your client retention. Don’t lose your clients to agencies who offer a “full service”, they may just be outsourcing to us already! Working with us to provide white-label SEO to your clients will boost your company’s professionalism and reputability in the eyes of your client. Get in touch with us to find out how we can work together, what referral rates we can provide you, and learn more about this win-win service.

Are you in sales, looking for additional services to offer?

If you’re a sales agent looking for a service to sell, selling SEO can be lucrative and rewarding. We’ll provide you with contracts, details on the services we provide and the pricing that goes with it. You will be able to earn a closing commission plus recurring income for the life of the contract. Once you have closed a business, that business can then be passed off to us so you can focus on closing more clients, and building your income online. The larger the client you land, the more you make. If you’re interested, get in touch about our SEO sales positions.

Maybe you're just getting started building recurring income streams?

If you’re new to this, and know nothing about SEO, but want to know more. The best thing you can do is give us a call. We will explain how the system works, what you will be selling, the target audience and we’ll answer all your burning questions on the spot.

How Outsourcing SEO Works

We only offer our seo outsourcing services on a month to month, fixed price contract basis. All work is prepaid, as any SEO work should always be. We offer two types of outsourcing.

Referral - Managed by us.

When you refer your clients to us, we can setup a shared reporting system within Google sheets, much like what we provide for our clients. All work will be carried out by us on a month by month basis and the client will be billed by us also. We will have a contract between us making sure we can never work outside of the agreed package for said client, so you are always protected. This is a gesture of good will, we would never do this anyway. With the referral program we will send you a 10% commission each month within 5 days of receiving the payment for the services by the client.

White Label - managed by you.

White Label is where we treat you as the client, and you pass everything on without our branding attached. With this option, you can charge what you feel fit and we will bill you the requested seo package at the discounted 20% price point. All payments go through your business, we don’t contact the client at all.

Option Three - We negotiate to fit your systems.

If neither of the options above work, we can negotiate based on your systems and requirements.
Note: Referral payments will continue for the life of the contract with the client, all work within our agency is post payment.

Why You Should Partner With Us

Results Guarantee

Although no company can guarantee position 1 rankings with 100% accuracy, we can guarantee you will see consistent improvements in the position of your site for your chosen keywords, and our suggested keywords. You will also get access to our custom build live reporting system which will detail all work completed, links built, content created and more. All this will be yours for life, including all the high level analysis & audits we perform.

Professional Service

Our support team is our agency CEO. The same person who built Digital Estate and our fleet of digital properties from the ground up, the same person who is writing this text to you. As a professional, experience SEO, you will have direct access to the exact information you need without having to go through gate-keepers or project managers. I have you covered.

New Zealand Based

We are based in New Zealand and have been working with Kiwi business owners since our inception. As a GST-registered company, we work when you’re working, so you will always be able to get in touch when you need us.

Experienced Team

I want to let you in on a secret. We don’t “just” rank clients sites. We also build our own digital properties and these bring in a large portion of our company profits each year. I mean, why just rank a clients business when we can build a successful E-Commerce business that will provide recurring income for the foreseeable future? My point is, we are consistently building, marketing & improving sites for all our clients and also our own online ventures. Our team is experienced, and our experience is vast.

Want In?

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Outsource your SEO work to a trusted, well established, data driven NZ based White Label SEO service. Digital Estate is the best SEO reseller in New Zealand, with high paying commissions.
If you only have 1 or 2 business websites in need of Search Engine Optmisation, then please check our my SEO Services.