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Comprehensive SEO Packages for Small Business

All Comprehensive SEO packages include the following:

1. Website Quality Audit (WQA):
Before we make any rash decisions about your website we first complete a detailed Website Quality Audit using a custom built, inhouse tool. This initial website audit helps us understand the structure of your website and brings to attention any underlying issues that could be holding your site back in the search engine results page (SERP). Our WQA checks data from 5 well known SEO tools and aggregates it all into a report that shows issues with keywords, titles, descriptions, indexing, meta-tags and much more.

The information pulled here will be used throughout the life of the campaign, with all tasks added to our internal “to do” list and scheduled in for completion within a timeline determined by your budget.

2. Improving Site Structure & Resources
The perfect website is easy to use both for Google robots, and for website visitors. This includes removing pages that offer no value to either, and combining pages that are competing with each other (known as keyword cannibalism). By improving your sites structure, internal linking and removing resources that are not required, we will have taken the first important steps towards higher rankings in Google.

3. Site Speed Optimisation
Provided your site is on WordPress, we will provide a basic site speed optimisation service to improve the load times on both desktop and mobile devices. This is crucial not only for SEO, but for user experience. Do you wait for pages to load on a slow site? Although not all SEO packages come with our full site speed optimisation, it is available as a stand alone service and highly recommended.

4. Content Marketing & Promotion
What would the internet be without content?
All our SEO packages are built around first optimising your website, then promoting your business with a well researched content marketing strategy. This allows us to target more keywords and search phrases over time, while reinforcing the ones we are already targeting on the site. It’s a common misconception that SEO ranks a whole website, it is individual pages that are ranked based on the approach taken. We will first determine which pages on your site can most benefit (low hanging fruit) then we will improve the content, and build supporting content through the blog and additional pages.

5. Link building & influencer outreach
If SEO is an election, link building is the votes. The more websites that link to your content as a reference, the more trust Google will give you as an authority in your niche. Each backlink to your site we build is also another way for people to reach you online.

We will build backlinks to your site through backlink campaigns that are custom built for your niche. By researching the top competitors already getting results, we can build a list of sites to start with and setup outreach campaigns. Alongside these hard to aquire links, we will maintain a constant link velocity by building links from local sites, bloggers and influencers we already have working relationships with.

The more content we create for your site, the more assets we will be able to promote and the more links we will be able to build.

SEO for Medium / Corporate Business SEO Packages

Note: The packages above are based on a set budget for links, content & hours built into each SEO package. This is flexible to the upside with any additional work charged at $120 per hour + any additional link or content budgets based on the available budget predetermined and agreed on by you.

Put simply, all our SEO packages are scalable & adaptable

Local SEO Packages

Our local SEO is an entry level SEO service. Although our services are billed monthly, they are built off the hours we can invest each month and the budget we have for links and content.

To get the most out of a cheap seo package, it’s important we only focus on the changes that bring the fastest results. This way, we hope you will be able to increase your budget after some time so we can provide a better service and you a better profit.

The lowest we can go with Local SEO packages is $1,495+ Gst per month.

This will get you the following.

This package is perfect for a local contractor or any local business who are not ready for the comprehensive SEO packages. The timeline on this package is a little longer as we have budget restraints but the work completed is well tested and well executed. If you’re in a competitive market this package may not be for you, we will let you know if this is the case.

eCommerce SEO Packages

eCommerce websites vary considerably from Woocommerce sites, through to shopify and custom solutions. Because of this we recommend getting in touch so we can have a thorough look and provide the best eCommerce SEO packages we can.

We’ve had great results from our eCommerce SEO packages with a great deal of our own Digital Estates’ being eCommerce & eCommerce style affiliate sites.Most of our SEO eCommerce marketing packages start off with the same approach as our comprehensive SEO packages for local business, but will usually require more hours invested which means a higher monthly budget. Get in touch for a custom price for marketing your eCommerce business. In many cases, we will combine Adwords, Facebook & SEO for synergistic results.

Competitive SEO Rates

My SEO rates, packages and one time services are very competitive. I’ve been providing these services for a long time and as a team, we have streamlined each process and with it the cost. Each service we complete for you will be an upgrade to your current online presence that will help to drive more traffic to your website for years into the future.

Our comprehensive range of search engine optimization services including on-site and off-site SEO are tested, and follow best practices. We frequently provide over and above our contracts including performing link disavows if we see dodgy links, fixing issues caused by updating plugins and many other bits and pieces that pop up along the way. By building our campaigns based on the hours we can provide, and not a set service, we have the flexibility to do what needs to be done, when it needs to be done.

You will never be charged for anything you do not agree to before the service has been completed.

Not sure what SEO Package?
- Get a Free Video Audit

If you’re not sure what search engine package is right for you that’s normal. It’s our job to suggest the best service based on your budget & marketing requirements.

By getting in touch over the phone, or sending me your details through the contact form, I will be able to use our suite of tools to dive deep into your site, review the competition and come up with some suggestions moving forward. I’ll go through the whole process while recording my screen and detailing everything as I go. As always, this is FREE with no obligation. I love to take on new projects, but am well past the need to do so. If you just want advice, I’m happy to give it for free.

SEO Project Time Frames

All SEO packages are ongoing and work is completed each month for the life of the contract. We will maintain communications, and all reporting will be through Google Suites where we have built our custom SEO reporting system. That way, you can see we are doing great work. The time frame for work completed will be 100% dependent on the package or budget you set. All packages are built off our hourly rate + content budgets + link budgets, all three can be increased at any time. Results will always vary and this depends on competition more than anything. If you are the only service provider, we will rank you in days. If you have 100 competitors, it will take some time to improve your site above those you compete against. The truth is, Google wants to show people what they are searching for, and they learn this through the quality of content on your site, the quality of links to your site, and the way people interact with your site. We know what Google wants because we know how to analyze what is already working, then improve on it based on our experience in multiple markets. Our packages are designed to help us achieve this for you as soon as possible. If you desire instant results and won’t settle for anything less, combining our SEO packages with PPC campaigns is the best way to achieve this.