Off-Page SEO Audit

Discover Off-Page SEO Factors Holding Your Website Back.

Our Off-Page SEO Audit provides a full backlink audit, anchor text analysis and a disavow list to remove spammy links holding your marketing efforts hostage.

From: $550 +GST

Backlink Audit Features:

  • Link Quality Analysis
  • Toxic Link Identification
  • Link Disavow Service
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Anchor Text Cheatsheet
  • Referring Domain Inventory
  • Tactical Advice

Link Quality Analysis

Our link quality analysis is a process where we evaluate the quality and relevance of the links pointing to your website. This analysis involves examining various factors, such as the source of the links, the anchor texts used, and the context in which backlinks are placed.

The goal of our link quality analysis is to determine whether the links pointing to your website are helping or hurting your search engine rankings. High-quality links from authoritative sources can help improve a website’s search engine visibility, while low-quality or spammy links can have a negative impact and result in penalties from search engines.

By conducting a link quality analysis, we can help you identify any issues with your backlink profile and provide advice to address them. This may involve removing or disavowing low-quality links.

Toxic Link Identification

We’ll use the latest software to analyse your backlink profile and then spend time checking to make sure the list is correct. All links that are deemed risky or spammy will be presented to you with a spam score grading between (0 – 100).

The most dangerous links will automatically be added to the link disavow list provided and suggested for removal in Search Console. We’ll also provide our advice on removing the less risky, but low-quality backlinks based on your current website rankings in Google. This needs to be decided on a case-by-case basis.

Link Disavow Service

Link disavowing is a process of telling search engines not to consider certain links when assessing the backlink profile of a website. This is typically done when a website has acquired low-quality or spammy links that could potentially harm its search engine rankings.

Say goodbye to harmful backlinks and protect your website’s online reputation with our link disavow list. Our experts will analyze your backlink profile, identify any harmful links, and create a comprehensive disavow file to submit to Google. 

Competitor Analysis

Our Competitor link analysis provides you with the backlink profile for the 3 top-ranking competitors in your industry for your main keyword. This report gives you direct access to the backlinks acquired by your competition that have been proven to push their website higher in search engines for the same keywords you’re targeting.

Use this valuable resource to identify new link-building opportunities, reverse engineer anchor text ratios, gain anchor text ideas and learn from successful strategies in which your rivals have already invested time and resources. Our competitor link analysis is a valuable tool for businesses looking to improve their online visibility and build more backlinks.

Anchor Text Cheatsheet

Your anchor text ratio is one of the most important factors of your backlink profile. If you have too many of one type of backlink or use an anchor text too often, it’s a surefire way to walk right into an algorithm penalty from Google.

We’ll analyse the top-ranking competitors for your main keyword and provide you with the average anchor text ratio compared to your home page. Use this alongside the competitor link analysis to build the right backlinks using the right anchor texts to ensure you don’t catch a google penalty. By aiming for what Google already approves of, you can ensure each link you build is a step in the right direction.

Referring Domain Inventory

A strong backlink profile is an important factor for search engine optimisation. We’ll provide you with a full inventory of referring domains (websites linking to you) so you can look through the links and link types you’ve accumulated over your website life.

Knowing what backlinks you already have is an important step in knowing which backlinks you should be targeting. Wasting time on domains you already have links from is resource intensive and won’t provide any additional value to your search engine status.

Tactical Advice

All this data isn’t helpful without someone to decipher it for you. We’ll provide actionable advice detailing the best steps forward.

By implementing our tactical advice, you can develop an effective off-page SEO strategy that improves your website’s search engine rankings. Drive more targeted traffic and ultimately, more sales and revenue through your website with our Off-Page SEO audit.

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