SEO Audits

Don’t let little issues hold you back from big results

If you’re spending money marketing your website without fixing technical, on-page and off-page issues first, you could be wasting your time and budget. Get an SEO Audit here today.

Off-Page SEO Audit

A comprehensive backlink audit, anchor text analysis and a disavow list to remove spammy links holding you back.

From: $450 +GST

Backlink Audit Features:

  • Link Quality Analysis
  • Backlink Inventory
  • Anchor Text Ratio Analysis
  • Toxic Link Identification
  • Link Disavow (if approved)
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Tactical Advice

Website Quality Audit

A complete website quality check including actionable steps to take for each page on your website.

From: $1000 +GST

Or save $500 with any SEO campaign

Site Quality Audit Features:

  • Page By Page Audit
  • Website Design Analysis
  • User Experience Analysis
  • Content Analysis
  • Technical Analysis
  • CRO Analysis
  • Tactical Advice

Keyword Gap Audit

Reverse engineer competition and find the best opportunities for growth. The perfect start to any content marketing strategy.

From: $450 +GST

Keyword Gap Features:

  • Find Low-hanging Fruit
  • Discover Content Gaps
  • Improve Targeting
  • Improve Authority
  • Get Competitor Data
  • Keyword Clustering & Map
  • Tactical Advice

3 Reasons Auditing Your Website Periodically Is Sage Advice

Technical issues on your website that affect user experience, site speed, mobile useability or accessibility of search engine crawlers will incentivise google NOT to send any traffic your way. Google is not interested in sending its most valuable asset (search engine users) to websites that cause them any kind of discomfort. If your website isn’t optimised, forget about SEO.

Our Website Quality Audit goes further than a standard technical audit. We’ll pull data from multiple (expensive) software and colocate it all in one place where our expert SEO will work through your website page by page. While doing so we’ll detail the best technical action and the best content action to take on each page for optimal results.

Off-page issues (backlinks) on your site tell Google your site’s quality. If you don’t have any backlinks, Google won’t trust your website as an authority. People create backlinks to quality content, they share it, they engage with it. Building backlinks and optimising your backlink signals is one of the most important factors for SEO, but it needs to be done right!

Creating low quality backlinks is a surefire way to get blacklisted or catch yourself a Google penalty. With our off-page audits, we’ll make sure you’re website’s backlink profile isn’t holding you back and give you actionable advice on the best steps towards improvements.

The number of backlinks and the quality and quantity of the content you require on your site to rank for any given keywords will be exponentially more if Google attaches a low quality score to your website.

Missing content topics on your website shows Google you are not an expert in your field. By finding gaps in your content we can increase the number of keywords your site indexes for, and show google you are the authority in your industry. 

Our Content Gap Analysis looks at your top competitors and pulls all the data into one place where we can uncover the best keywords to target next. Doing so will increase your expertise, experience, authority and trust (see E-E-A-T) and important metric Google’s looking for when assigning a quality score to your website.

How is your site performing?

If you wish your website was ranking higher in Google, there is likely something to be gained by any or all of our SEO audit services. If you’re not sure which SEO Audit is best for you right now, get in touch with us and we’ll provide a free audit on your site. Our Free SEO audit comes in the form of a short video uncovering the most obvious issues with your website. You can order a free SEO audit here.

Why not just pay for SEO audit software?

If you want to pay for SEO audit software instead, by all means. Here are our recommended SEO audit software.

There are limitations to using SEO software to audit your website, those include

  • Software limitations
  • Lack of human expertise
  • No tailored solutions
  • No ongoing support
  • No competitive advantage
  • An SEO still needs to make the changes

Although SEO audit software can be a helpful tool. It is not a substitute for the expertise and personalised approach you get working with an experienced SEO company.

How often should you perform an SEO audit?

Regular SEO audits prevent catastrophic budget blow-outs by ensuring your website is of a high standard and following google’s guidelines at all times. If you’re in a competitive industry we recommend getting a full audit every year to pickup on technical issues and make sure your competitors aren’t building faster than you.

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