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Google Adwords and Facebook Re-targeting Services (PPC).

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Increase Your Leads within Days

Your business is ready to take on more clients and make more sales. To do so you need more customers visiting your website and discovering your offers.
For optimal results you only want customers LOOKING for your services, not just anyone but, targeted leads. The best place to get targeted leads is the top of the first page on Google. The fastest way to get there is with our managed Adwords services where we get your offers infront of people are SEARCHING for them.
Within 24 hours all these potential leads could be directed to your website driving a sharp increase in sales!
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Generate Targeted Leads

Increase Your Sales

ROI Focuesd Campaigns

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How Search Engine Marketing Works

Customers look for your services online every single day. To access this audience requires a quality SEO campaign or an optimised Search Engine Marketing campaign.
While SEO takes time, paid search engine marketing gets you in-front of the crowd over night!
Pay per click doesn’t come without it’s risks. Setting up a campaign without analysing the data and optimising for better results can be a costly mistake. A good manged Adwords account should at least pay for itself.
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Why choose Digital Estate for Adwords and Facebook Ads.

With experts in search engineo optimisation (SEO), Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) we can build and manage your complete digital marketing experience with better and more consistent results.
By managing your paid advertising campaigns we can increase your return on investment incrementally while providing industry leading advice to squeeze the most from your digital marketing budget.

Want To Increase Your Sales Quickly?

AdWords & Facebook​

Not all paid advertising is the same.
Google provides a way to market directly in-front of the very people who are looking for your services, while they are looking for them!
  • The very first thing you see when you search in google are Ads. To show up here has nothing to do with SEO and everything to do with Google Adwords pay per click (PPC) campaigns.
  • The SERP’s are perfect for advertising in-front of people who are currently looking for your products or services. If you have money to invest in marketing and need results quick, our SEM services are the place to be.
Facebook Advertising is better suited for re-marketing people who may be interested. If your a service provider and already investing in other marketing then Facebook re-targeting campaigns can help increase exposure and conversions.
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