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Niche Edits And Your Website

Benefits,safety & Site Requirements


One of the ‘Big 3’ backlink strategies, Niche Edits insert your link in existing articles to boost relevance and rankings - while tapping into proven streams of traffic.

Hat Rating: Grey Hat

Niche Edits are safe and used widely. Don’t stress if a dictionary definition brands this strategy as Grey Hat, our process works with well established sites to boost your SEO.

Site Requirements

Your site doesn’t need any prior backlinks before starting a Niche Edits campaign. A Pillow Links campaign running at the same time can multiply the benefits.

How it Works

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Choose your package (don’t forget to provide your niche, URLs and anchor text). Select from 3-Packs, Package Deals or Bulk Deals.

We Insert Your Links

We’ll insert your links across real articles and popular websites in your target niche. This process takes roughly 2 weeks.

Enjoy The Benefits

Site back and watch as your site benefits from the same trust, relevance and authority of host websites in your field for powerful SEO results.

Niche Link Inserts-3 Pack

These Niche Edits Contain 3 X Links

Level 1


Level 2


Level 3


Level 4


Level 5


Level 6


Link Inserts - Growth

These Niche Edits Contain 3 X Links

Barrage 10


Barrage 15


Barrage 20


Barrage 25


Barrage 30


Frequently Asked Questions

View a sample report here.

All sales are final once work has started.

No, these are meant for actual websites, not social media pages.


Twitter no longer allows the tracking of signals, and G+ recently shut down.


We recommend buying social signals for any page you’d like to rank or that you are sending other links to.

It typically takes us about one week from when your order is placed.

We send signals from active accounts in the US, UK, and Canada.

Unfortunately not. You can use just 1 URL per order of 225 Social Signals, but you can order additional signals and provide additional URLs. 


We can’t answer this for you – there are too many factors to consider. Social Signals are a very useful tool but not a “high power” link like our Niche Edits, PBNs, or guest posts. 

You can check out our Managed Link Building program if you are unsure about linking and need more help.