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There is no formal education for search engine optimisation and because of that, many local SEO services don’t work. To be the best requires a solid local marketing strategy based on research, development and data. We’ve got over 100 websites providing us with data every day, allowing us to understand what changes to make for more effective results in the search engines.

Our dedicated team of SEO consultants has an accumulated experience of more than 30 years in the SEO industry building, optimising and promoting both world renown brand and local businesses.

We’re the Leading SEO Agency in Hamilton, New Zealand

We consider customer satisfaction as our main priority. Each of the reviews we received comes from Google-verified profiles and businesses that we’ve worked with in the past. All of them were able to enjoy more organic traffic and sales through our service.
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Why Use Our Hamilton SEO Services?

There are hundreds of different factors that need to be considered if you want to be the #1 position in Google. The algorithm is complex and learning how to optimise your site beyond that of your competition isn’t easy if you don’t have the experience and intuition developed over years of research and development. With our expertise and experience, we are capable of providing our clients with the highest quality SEO service. We use a streamlined process that allows us to be extremely productive and fully capable of achieving results for your business.

Creative Thinkers with a Flair for Tech

We are among the few Hamilton local SEO companies who think creatively and outside the box. All of our staff are tech-savvy and consistently looking for ways to improve our systems, results and customer satisfaction. This has allowed us to provide local businesses with quality, consistent results. With a focus on “pathing the way” instead of “following the crowd” and a constantly growing pool of our own local sites to test live on the market - we’re confident you will get the right advice at the right time for the life of our working relationship. Your results are our results.

Local Agency with National and International Recognition

Our work has been featured in various top marketing websites – not just on a national but on an international level. Although we are a New Zealand based SEO agency, we consistently market our own products, services and affiliate sites across the world. Targetin NZ, Australia, USA & UK we have built up the experience to compete in the most competitive markets across the world. Despite global ambitions, we focus on providing our services to all our favourite locations in NZ including Hamilton. We want to help local businesses get the exposure and presence they deserve as well as connecting kiwi’s with the better businesses out there. If you’re in Hamilton and feel your business isn’t getting the exposure it deserves don’t hesitate to contact us for a free no obligation consultation, or get in touch about our results focused market audit. Let’s see if we can make it happen for your business this year.

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Frequently Asked Questions​

No, we work with companies across Australasia and also have many of our own projects spanning across the western world. We’re a company that brings global experience to a local market.
It’s hard to find highly skilled SEO consultants here in New Zealand. Most will work for themselves as it’s much more lucrative. From time to time we do come to Auckland to have meetings with our clients but most communication is completed through video conferencing where we can better share our screens, presentations and do so on a better time budget.