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Backlinks are the foundation of any Search Engine Optimisation strategy and required to reach the top of the front page of Google search organically.​

We use all the link available to you here in our Managed Search Engine services giving you all the tools you require to build backlinks to your website and manage your own link building strategy. ​

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Although building backlinks to your website is important, it’s more important to build the right backlinks at the right velocity using the correct anchor text.

We provide a backlink building guide to help you save time learning the in’s and out’s of link building, but if you don’t have the time or drive to learn we highly suggest sticking with our Managed SEO services.

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Ready to Take The Next Step?

Frequently Asked Questions

Link building is the process of linking other websites to your website through hyperlinks, also known as off-page optimisation. Where an internal link is a link from one page on your site to another, a backlink is from one website to another.

We have two different pricing models. For backlinks purchased as you need them, you can find our prices for each product in our shop.

Our monthly link building services have a built-in retainer based on the hours we spend building backlinks for your website. This includes completing the research, building your strategy, performing ongoing prospecting, and ongoing email outreach management.

Your link building package depends on your business requirements and budget.

For local businesses, we only charge a monthly retainer which includes all expenses. For companies with larger budgets and more aggressive link-building requirements, there is also an expense cost tacked on to each link delivered – this expense comes from things like content writing (for guest posts) or a sponsorship payment (to a blogger). Each expense is presented to you and approved before we execute. All costs are billed directly to you.

Here in DIY links all links and link prices are upfront. You build the off-page strategy for your website and you see what you get before you go to the checkout.

With Managed SEO the number of links we can build depends on the link building budget. The higher the budget you allocate us the more links we can build. This also varies on industry, niche and the type of links we need to build for your website. Some clients pay us for 5 links per month, while others pay upwards of 100. We work to gain as many quality links as we can based on the budget you have, but can’t guarantee a minimum number of links each month. We can promise to provide you with the best link building service in New Zealand.

Our NZ link-building strategies include the following.


  • Niche relevant guest posts
  • Competitor analysis link building (Reverse engineering what works)
  • Niche relevant sponsored posts
  • Hyper Local directory submissions (News sites, NZ local directories)
  • Location-relevant, country-specific sites (Directories in your city)
  • Industry-specific link opportunities (industry directories & membership sites)
  • Press releases (used to correct anchor text ratios)
  • Manual social bookmarking & social signal sites (Facebook likes, tweets & shares)
  • Sponsored posts & donation links
  • Paid link insertions in relevant content across the web
  • Niche specific, manually built blog commenting
  • Niche specific, manually built Forum posting
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