Frequently Asked Questions.


This question is better answered after we have had a look at your website, offers and customers. As SEO covers a range of different marketing tactics and brings them together, its a solid foundation for any business that has customers searching online. 

Ask yourself these two questions before making a decision about SEO and if it is the better marketing strategy for your particular business:

  1. Are you  looking for a long-term, sustainable marketing or just a quick influx of temporary results?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a long-term strategy that builds momentum over time. If you want sales right now, it’s not for you. SEO will bring you results quickly in the search engines, you will see your website starts to climb the ranks however, it’s important to understand that it takes 3 to 6 months of dedicated work to bring your site to the top where all the results are waiting for you. Once you hit the first few position for your search terms, results are significant and your sales quickly overtake your investment.

  1. What is your potential ROI or Return on Investment?

If you get a low pay out per sale, then chances are SEO won’t be your best option. As it starts out slow you may only get 1 or 2 leads meaning a few dollars back from your $1,500 investment. If however you get a nice profit per sale, a couple new sales per month could pay for your investment into SEO.

No matter what, we want the best results for you (It makes us look great and gives us more success stories to add to our growing portfolio).

If you’re unsure what online marketing to use we offer a free full consultation where we look deep into what you want and what you have to invest. We can then use this information to come up with the best strategy for you. It may be SEO, PPC, CRO or a mix of everything. We will never know unless you claim your free consultation.

It is important to mention that SEO is never a guarantee. If you have had some cheap SEO company take care of your website to save a dollar, there is a good change they used some dodgy marketing and copped a penalty from one of the advanced google algorithms. Depending on the severity this can mean one of two things:

  • You got a manual (Real Person) penalty . Your website is never going to rank in Google. They see your site as spam and won’t risk showing it to their searchers. In this case, it’s best to by another domain for you site.
  • An algorithm caught you. Your website is in the Google sandpit. If this is the case there is hope, but it is going to take an extra few months of work to gain enough trust for Google’s algorithms to relax on your website.

***Please note we will not work with scammy offers, illegal sites, adult or gambling related businesses.

Just as it’s our job to value your services and get you a return on investment, we do the same for our own services. Our SEO packages start as low as $1000/month for local business, and range up into the $8,000+ for those wanting to market a product around the world. Every client we have has had a slightly different approach built around their offers, and the customers they are targeting. 

If you’ve paid for digital marketing in the past and didn’t get results, chances are it’s because you undervalued the time and skills required to get your business ahead of “ALL” your competition and in turn paid less than required resulting in less than great results. 

We aim to build long term relationships, so wont sell you anything we don’t believe is worth your investment.

This is something no one can tell you. We can come up with a pretty close estimate from experience but Google does treat each site a little different meaning anyone who tells you a date you will see results, is just trying to make the sale.

The five biggest factors that will determine how long it takes are:

  1. Where your website is listed now
  2. How long your website has been in Google
  3. The structure and “health” of your website
  4. How competitive your niche or industry is
  5. How much you invest (how much we can do in a month)

It gets really nerdy really fast with all the technical factors that go into SEO so well leave it at just the for-mentioned five.

That being said, many clients see an increase in sales from month one and we can jumpstart campaigns by using a variety of online marketing services until the SEO takes hold.

The important thing to remember here is SEO is about pacing yourself and creating a sustainable result. Think of it this way, if it takes 3 months to make a return on your monthly investment you may be 6K down in marketing expenses. But, now you’re making more than you invest each month meaning a year in you can quit easily have made your money back 5 or 10 times over.

SEO is an investment in your business.

The answer is simple. We are here to help you not lock you in. Although we sign you on to a contract, you are not locked in. At any stage, you can give us 30 days’ notice and at the end of the 30 days be on your merry way.

It is highly recommended that you give our services at least a minimum of 3 months to give our long-term SEO strategies a chance to take hold and produce reliable, long lasting results. If your expecting massive results right away, our Google Ads services are for you.

That is a conflict of interest so something we will not do. Our success with local brick and mortar business as well as corporate clients is high as is our retention rates. One reason for this is the support, commitment, and loyalty we show our customers and clients. We are not a simple contractor, we are a business partner. The more we make you, the more willing you will be to let us bring new, profitable investment opportunities to your business and the more we can both make.

We don’t want to compete with ourselves. part of doing your SEO is to get you ahead of all competition, not just some.

No. There are many businesses we will not work with and at the time of writing this, we have turned down over 50 business just this year. Why? Not all business can benefit from digital marketing with the budget presented. If we cannot help you or you do not have the funds to invest yet, we will give you advice on steps you can take to bring about the changes required to invest in a profitable digital marketing campaign.

During the initial consultation, we’ll learn about your business, your situation, your goals, and your competition. Before the end of the first consultation we will give you a good indication whether our SEO services are a perfect fit for your business.

I would love to give you a number but the fact is, it all depends. To get a good understanding we will need to do some keyword research into your niche, your competition, and the services you provide. If the population you are targeting doesn’t have a huge demand, we can’t make them want your services. But, if there is a demand for your business then chances are we can get you enough to make SEO a great choice with a worthwhile return on investment.

One thing most SEO companies fail miserably on is converting the traffic into sales (known as conversion rate optimisation or CRO). Its great being ranked number one but if only 5% of buyers call or purchase your products vs 30%+, well, you do the math.

This comes down to the quality of content you have on your website and the call to actions you use. Unlike most other SEO companies, all our SEO packages come with built in CRO in the form of on-page optimisation and regular additions of content to your website and Blog for higher conversion rates. This has proven repeatedly to bring higher ROI for our customers.

Of course you can, as mentioned above, we have a 30-day cancellation period and no lock in contracts.

However, SEO requires consistent work and growth. If Google notices your website has gone stagnant and your competition is marketing, you will lose ground which will lower your ROI and eventually over time cost your business. Especially if you are expecting the results to continue as they are with regular investments.

Another thing to consider is the momentum. If you stop, you lose it and getting it back may take a few months meaning your return is lower while we build up your SEO campaign again.

It’s possible to rank social media and other digital properties but why would you invest in something you do not own?

We always suggest getting a website even if it is basic, we can help you get a quality website built on WordPress from as little as $2000.

Our websites come fully optimised for the digital age with an SEO kick-start to get you results faster. The on-page setup and content of a website makes a huge difference to the time it takes to rank. For the perfect platform to bring your business to market, host your website on our high quality, full featured WordPress hosting solution.

Yes, in most cases.

Google is very strict and cares immensely what it shows its searchers. If there algorythams pickup on any blackhat SEO tactics, or your site fails a manual review, your ranking and exposure online will suffer. 

We have been successfully recovering websites from algorithm and manual penalties. If your site isn’t producing the results you expect, give us a call and we will help bring your site back from the dead.

In short you can. you can check out our comprehensive SEO training for beginners. If you have the time to dedicate to learning and testing, you can learn the ins and outs of digital marketing within a few months.

In the real world though, the answer is simple. It’s more cost effective to pay an expert to do something they are good at than to learn and perform the tasks yourself. Not only that, working on your business processes and fulfillment is far more profitable than spending your time on marketing. We see plenty of business owners who try to cut cost by doing digital marketing themselves only to find they penalise their website using outdated SEO tactics or they burn out trying to run a business and market it too.

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