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Why You Should Use Facebook Marketing(PPC)

According to Zephoria Digital Marketing, over 1.5 billion people use Facebook every day.
Why use Facebook advertising?
  • This site’s popularity makes it a great platform for spreading word of mouth about your small business.
  • Our Facebook advertising agency helps you launch and improve your company’s official Facebook page

What Is Facebook Advertising?

It’s a marketing technique used by millions of businesses. It lets you create tailored campaigns to reach users of this popular social networking site. You may have seen this in effect in your everyday life. If you’ve noticed a promotion for Invisalign on your feed after searching Google for orthodontic services, you’ve witnessed Facebook Ads in action. This social media and networking site tracks online activity. It knows which users could be interested in what your business offers. Ads on this site are customisable to let you reach your target audience. The social media service collects information about user demographics like:
  • Location
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Interests
It uses these demographics to determine what users are (or aren’t) in the market to buy. We recommend Facebook advertising for small businesses because it’s easy to understand and efficient to operate.
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Type Of Content Marketing

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We offer comprehensive Facebook advertising in Auckland. We don’t just set up your campaign and walk away from it. Our experts plan and manage a campaign that is specific to your company. We help you reach your target audience in every way possible.
To ensure maximum performance and results, we adjust your campaign as needed. We increase your lead generations and conversion rates to drive up your bottom line.

What's Types of Ads Can I Showcase?

Learn more about the specific types of ads your business can put out:
  • Carousel (great for incorporating numerous photos and a variety of links)
  • Image (a more simple approach that consists of one photo, a call-to-action, and a link)
  • Video (increases engagement and interest)

What Goals Can We Help You Meet?

  • Awareness: goals that stimulate general interest in your company.
  • Consideration: goals that encourage people to seek more information about your product or service
  • Conversions: goals that persuade people to make a final purchase

Advertising On Google Vs Facebook

Both methods drive up conversion rates and increase your presence online. Most businesses use both methods to maximise their reach.
If you only want to try one, there are some significant differences to note. For example, the Facebook advertising cost is less expensive than Google.
Though both methods operate on a pay-per-click (PPC) basis, how they operate is different:
  • Facebook PPC advertising appears in social media feeds.
  • Google PPC advertising appears on Google based on specific keyword searches.

Consider some other differences between these two marketing approaches:


  • Produces immediate leads and sales
  • Meant for services and products with a high purchasing intent


  • Builds awareness of your brand
  • Teaches your audience about new products
  • Grows your general audience

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Why Should I Buy Facebook Advertising?

Facebook Ads are ideal for reaching opportunists. These people aren’t on the lookout for your product or service, so using Facebook is a great opportunity to attract unexpected customers. You can also reach people that previously engaged with your content by remarketing Facebook ads. With the Pixel feature, you can specifically target users most likely to be interested in your product.
On the other hand, Google Ads helps you reach those that are looking for a specific product or service. Which method to go with depends on your business’s plan and long-term goals.

Should I Advertise My Business On Facebook?

If you’re unsure if this kind of advertising is right for you, get in contact with us to find out! We’ll chat and discuss your business’s unique goals.We’ll help you determine if you can benefit from our Facebook advertising services.

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