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SEO Content Features.


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Our free audits give you a brief overview of the top issues holding you back from increased success online. Each video audit is different, but we usually cover most of the following;

Buy Content Online As Needed​
Our Content Service Is Simple

Our Content Service Is Simple

Our Content Service Is Simple

Place orders with our simple interface. We’ve streamlined the ordering process. Our easy-to-use one-page order form lets you quickly and efficiently customise your content needs. Everything is just a few clicks away, whether word count, writing style, keywords, audience or a complete description.

Skilled authors craft your content. Transform your ideas into professional, compelling content. Our team of qualified writers will breathe life into your project with affordable content written to meet the highest standards with detailed quality control & revisions included.

Connect with your readers by crafting content that resonates. From word of mouth to organic search traffic, growing customer loyalty can be as simple as sharing engaging stories. Ensure you’re giving the audience what they want to amplify your reach and build an ever-expanding fan base.

Reap the Rewards of Exceptional SEO Content
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The success of your SEO campaigns – and your online sales – relies on creating content that speaks to two distinct audiences – Search engine crawlers and human readers. To ensure both are met, we strategically map topics to the keywords most associated with what your audience is looking for. This gives each piece you create an integrated purpose within a broader strategy, a requirement for successful content marketing efforts. We understand this process and recognise how keyword integration alone isn’t enough anymore. Instead, we strive towards crafting engaging and shareable pieces in line with modern-day content marketing tactics.



Quality is critical to climbing the rankings with your web content. You’ll need authoritative sites linking back to yours, which requires creating compelling, unique pieces that offer real value to readers. Position yourself as an industry leader and earn more backlinks from authors sharing and referencing content from your website.

Each new piece of content should be a new doorway for search engine traffic to find your website, a target for backlinks and a new set of keywords your website can rank for in Google. If you’re not aiming for all three, you’re leaving sales to your competition.

Refine Your SEO Content

Refine Your SEO Content​

Easily Specify Requirements​

Use our simple content ordering system to provide all the details for your content order in one place. Provide keywords, reference material, Target audience, suggested titles and preferred writing style. You can even give us a complete outline of your content from start to finish.

Keep Organised

Create a project for each order or associate new content orders with a previous project. We’ve made it easy to stay organised with your content marketing strategies no matter how many projects you have on the go.

Intergrate With More Services

Professional content writing is just one piece of what we do here at Digital Estate. Digital Estate is here to help you generate more leads online with multiple strategies and experts in multiple marketing disciplines. All content orders are stored against your project, allowing us to quickly establish a plan based on what’s already done if you ever decide to add services.

Talented Writers are ready and waiting!

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The Internet Is Built With Content –
Content is King

Great content is the key to search engine optimisation that works.

People use a search engine to find an answer to a question. The better your website answers your audience’s questions, the more likely the search engine will send them your way. Professionally written, detailed and factually correct content that engages your audience will rank higher on search engines.

Modern SEO writing involves more than just adding keywords to content. Your content must speak to the audience’s intent and answer their questions. If your content doesn’t do that, you won’t gain any traffic from searches.

Why Quality Content Matters.

Why Quality Content Matters.

quality matter

Imagine for a second you are Google. You want people to use your search engine, and you want them to come back and use it repeatedly. The only way to maintain users is to give them what they want, when they want it, better than anyone else can.

This is why the quality of your content, the engagement on your pages and the user metrics matter. If someone visits your page, then clicks off and spends more time on another page, that tells Google your content needs to be improved towards answering the questions of its user. If this happens, you will lose your position in favour of content with a better user experience.

We deeply understand search engines, as do our SEO content writers, who will craft content in a modern search engine-friendly format.

All Your Content Needs In One Place

All Your Content Needs In One Place​

From SEO blog writing services to product descriptions, our experienced writers are here to help bring your content strategy to life. Whether you need a copywriter for article writing, website content creation, or metadata descriptions, we can help.

We can also provide eCommerce writers to write product comparisons and descriptions or create buying guides. We have professional freelance writers on standby who specialise in all corners of digital marketing. Put simply, if it’s content creation you’re after, look no further!


All Your Content Needs In One Place

What type of content do we offer?

Our web content writing services provide a platform for you to order great content as you need it. We offer discounts for bulk orders and can help you generate the content for a new website, articles and blogs for most types of writing.

blog writing

Blog writing

Our standard blog content is researched and written around the details you provide when you submit your order online. We’ll match your content topic to the next available web content writer interested in your industry. Before writing a word, they will research and write professional content based on your requirements.

seo optimized content

SEO Optimised Content

This content service provides SEO friendly content that’s a step up from our standard blog writing. We’ll use sophisticated AI software during the content creation process, which will allow us to provide compelling content that your audience and search engines love. This content aims to increase the number of keywords your website shows up for online.

website content

Website Content

Our experienced content writers will provide clear, concise, and easy-to-understand web copy with a tone and style appropriate for your brand and industry. Perfect for web page expansion or new landing pages and exactly what you would expect from a professional content writing service provider.

guest post writing

Guest Post Writing

Guest posting is a great way to build backlinks and increase your business’s exposure, but it requires content. We can help you create high-quality guest post content that will increase your ability to negotiate high-quality backlinks from your guest post outreach campaigns.

prodductt review 1

Product Reviews

We’ll compile a thorough product review for your affiliate or comparison site. Have a competitor that offers a similar product? We can help create non-bias content for your review page, comparing your services with theirs.

buyers guide

Buyers Guides

Want to help educate your readership on different products and services available? Our Buyer’s guides are carefully curated by copywriting experts to help educate your audience and send them in your desired direction.

product category description

Product / Category Descriptions

An effective product description can make or break sales on your site. Get high-quality product and category descriptions designed to increase engagement and conversion rates.

custom content order

Custom Content Orders

Have something else in mind? Send us the details, and we’ll get right into it.

See our content marketing strategy instead.

Why Work With Our SEO Copywriters?

seo copywriter

Quality Assure

Our freelance content writers work on a pay-per-content basis and only get paid once you’re order is accepted by you. We also ensure each writer understands the required quality standards by completing writer training, including passing our quality tests before gaining access to write for you.


We don’t call our buy as you need web content services “buy as you need” for fun. We’ve designed the platform so you can order content as required and scale your content production as you need.

100% Unique

All content goes through our 3-point check to ensure there is no plagiarism, content is not generated by AI, and everything is grammatically correct. We use sophisticated content auditing software and qualified content editors to ensure the content you order is entirely unique and primed for publication as soon as it’s presented to you.


Content that isn’t SEO friendly doesn’t get eyeballs. We aim to create content that will be read, so we optimise all our content following Google’s SEO guidelines. All content from Digital Estate is SEO friendly, while fully optimised SEO content services can also be purchased at a higher cost due to the additional time and resources required.
Why Work With Our SEO Copywriters?
Who Are Our Ideal Customers?

Who Are Our Ideal Customers?

Who Are Our Ideal Customers?

As a content writing company, we’re happy to create content to suit most requirements. Some of the industries we work with include:

  • E-commerce businesses
  • SaaS companies
  • Digital marketing & content agencies
  • Financial services companies
  • Healthcare companies
  • Education providers
  • Travel and hospitality businesses
  • Real estate agencies
  • Food and beverage businesses
  • And many more

What Does Our Content Writing Services Cost?

What Does Our Content Writing Services Cost?​

We have a range of competitive prices based on the type and quantity of content you require for your order.

To find out the exact cost for your content, start the order process and use our content platform like a calculator. If you’re happy with the price of your content package, you can easily buy directly through our application. If you’re not ready to commit, the package you create will remain in your cart until you purchase, delete, or modify your content order.

Get started with your first project.

Writing Services Cost?

Want to know more?

Frequently Asked Questions

We charge per word, with discounts for orders of 5000 words. Different content types come with varying prices per word due to the additional effort of software required to complete the content writing job. All prices are upfront; using our content ordering system, you can easily find the right content package with upfront prices.

We don’t provide content writers for hire; we provide professional writing services based on your orders. When we hire a content writer, we get a list of content topics they’re comfortable writing about and we match your content order with the best available writer for the ask.

Hiring a professional content writer for your business is a great way to increase the content for your website. Finding a suitable content writer can take time and effort. We take the hard work away by making it straightforward to order content online when and how you need it.

Our best content writers will produce professional content designed to answer the questions and touch on the topics you provide them when you order online. Each writer will research your content and do their best to craft content that closely matches your requirements. If you’ve requested SEO-optimised content, your order will pass through our expert SEOs for a complete on-page SEO optimisation before providing the content for your review.

We write content for most industries. We will not write about weapons, defamatory content, or anything we deem inappropriate. If your order is not accepted, you will receive a full refund. If you need clarification on the content you require, send us your ideas, and we’ll let you know if we can write about the topic.

We use content writers to create all our content. Once the web content has been written, it passes through Copyscape to ensure it is 100% plagiarism free. We also pass the content through CopyLeaks to ensure it’s not generated by AI, and Grammarly Pro to ensure correct sentence structure, punctuation and spelling. All this ensures the content you receive is of a high standard and ready to post on your website.

Want to automate your content marketing & promotion? Although we offer article writing services, most of our content is part of our client’s SEO strategy. This includes complete SEO packages as well as Content marketing services. If you need help determining the best route, get in touch for a free consultation. Based on your specific content requirements, we can help point you in the right direction.

Can I have a dedicated content writer?We offer dedicated content writers with our digital marketing services. Our “as required” professional content writing services do not provide a steady enough stream of content for our writers to dedicate each writer to specific clients. If you would like the same writer each time to ensure your website content is written in the same style and tone, check out our content marketing packages.

Currently, we do not offer bulk discounts for content writing. However, we do offer bulk discounts for content marketing services if the monthly retainer is above $3000.

Currently, we do not offer bulk discounts for content writing. However, we do offer bulk discounts for content marketing services if the monthly retainer is above $3000.

Our goal is to present your content within six working days. However, heftier orders may require extra preparation time. If you have a strict deadline, drop us an email at

While we’re open-minded, we steer clear of content related to weapons, slander, or anything inappropriate. If we can’t accept your order, we’ll refund you and explain. When in doubt, message us before ordering.

Certainly! We offer 2 alterations for every piece of content. If you have any concerns or inquiries before ordering.

If you need clarification on which content type is ideal for your project, email us a brief summary of your needs, and we’ll gladly point you in the right direction.

At this stage, selecting writers for content writing services is unavailable. If you want to maintain a writer, check out our content marketing services which come with a monthly contract and a commitment from the same writer who will write for your business.

In the unlikely event that you’re displeased, please email us with comprehensive feedback. We’ll collaborate with the writer or an editor to make the required adjustments. To minimise the chances of dissatisfaction, provide as much detail as possible when placing your order.

If you need edits or a rewrite for some, or all of your content orders, you have one week from the date of delivery to make this request. Email with the content and the subject “Content revisions”, and we’ll handle the rest.

Yes absolutely! We run all content through Copyscape before delivery to ensure its originality. All content is created from scratch, and we check every piece of content our writers produce.

This depends on your goals. We recommend a minimum of 500 words for blogs or articles. You can usually gauge the ideal content length for SEO by searching Google for the main keyword you want to target, then checking the top pieces of content for word count. If you’re unsure, send us an email outlining your content needs, and we’ll suggest an appropriate length.

Our “Other” category is for content that doesn’t fit our existing content types, such as data-driven blogs requiring extensive research or lead generation pages. If you need help deciding which category to choose, send us a message with your requirements, and we’ll help!

All content we write is optimised for on-page SEO; this involves doing keyword research and writing non-plagiarised, original content that is engaging and crafted using correct heading structures.
Advanced SEO optimisation takes this a step further by running your content through sophisticated software that analysis the top-ranking websites for your main keyword and then provides us with a list. We use this list of keywords to enhance your content, bringing it more in line with the content that is already ranking in the best positions within Google Search Engines.
Running your content through Advanced SEO Optimisation gives your content an edge in search engines, increasing the likelihood of improved exposure through organic search.

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