Digital Estate Case Study | Nu-Eco Windows

Digital Estate Case Study | Nu-Eco Windows

5+ Year Partnership, 596% Increase in Conversions

The Team at Nu-Eco have been importing and installing uPVC windows in Australia for over 10 years now and their products utilise some of the best technology available in the world. Digital Estate partnered with Nu-Eco to help increase sales and manage their complete digital strategy.

How We’ve Helped

  • 2 x Website rebuilds, One in 2019 and one currently in development. Both builds aim to improve SEO and user experience and increase conversions through the website funnels.
  • 376% increase in search engine traffic on the website, resulting in more sales.
  • 596% increase in conversions since the start of the campaign, outperforming the overall increase in search traffic.
  • Through split testing and ongoing optimisation of the Google Ads campaign, we have successfully reduced the cost per conversion.
  • We designed new landing pages specifically aimed at enhancing conversion rates originating from the Google Ads campaign.

Since initiating discussions with Tony in 2019, our team has skillfully applied search engine optimisation to expand Nu-Eco’s client base. During this time, Digital Estate has implemented various SEO tactics, such as creating high-quality content, engaging in outreach link building, developing relationships, and consistently maintaining the nu-eco website.

Alongside SEO, we have also continued to refine the Google Ads campaigns. This combined approach has resulted in a substantial 376% increase in website traffic and an impressive 596% boost in conversions through the site.

  • 5+

    Year Partnership, 596%
    Increase in Conversions

  • 115

    Top 3 Positions

  • 376%

    Organic Traffic Improvements

  • 596%

    Increase in conversions

  • 2

    Digital Channel strategy

  • 2

    Website Refresh

  • 1

    Happy Customer

  • 100+

    Pages Built

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