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Work With Us as a Freelance Content Writer

Looking for full or part time online content writing jobs? We’re always on the lookout for writers here in NZ and across the ditch. If you can produce high-quality content for our growing customer base, we’d love for you to apply!

What to expect

All content writing work provided by Digital Estate is contracted out to our growing team of content writers. As a content writer for Digital Estate, you’ll get to work the hours you want and be paid based on the number of words you write. 

We work on a first come first serve basis where you’ll get notified when new tasks are available and you’ll have the choice to take them or leave them.

Perfect for those that want to earn a living online, working from home around your own schedule. How good is that!

There are some caveats, so before applying make sure to understand everything below for a brief overview.

How our content writing jobs work

Content orders come in as they are required from our internal team, or through our online store. When a new order comes in, it’s listed in our project management software. If you are accepted into the writing team, you’ll get access to this project management system and an alert via email every time new content is added to the system.

Each task will be presented with all the details required to effectively research and write the content. If you get stuck or have any questions, you will also have access to our content management team who will be able to help guide you.

The content management system works as follows.

  1. When you accept a task, the timer starts. As we are running a business with real customers expecting real results, we require a reasonable turnaround time. By accepting a task, you’re agreeing to start working on that task right away. You have the time, you are ready, and you plan to have that completed within the specified time frame. 
  2. Payment for your writing is only made for a successful task. This means you completed the task within the time indicated to you when the task was first presented. You will be able to choose if you have the time or not, but if you accept the task, it’s expected you can complete it within the indicated time.
  3. If a task is not completed within the time indicated before you accepted, another task will be created for another member to complete. If another member accepts that task before you finish and submit yours, there will be no payment for the services as you didn’t complete the task within the terms and conditions of the agreement. So make sure you can complete a task in the timeframe required, before you accept it.
  4. Customers are always right! Each task is for someone who is paying for the service. That someone gets a say on the quality of the completed task. We offer 1 round of revisions for all content, so take this into consideration when applying for a task. Revisions will need to be completed within 24 hours. If you can’t complete the revision because life got in the way, a fee will be taken from your commission to cover someone else handling the changes for you.
  5. Quality is key. All content will need to be grammatically correct, have zero plagiarism, and pass all AI content detection.
  6. Payment is made once the customer accepts the content, after revisions.
  7. If your quality is not upto standard, we can close your account at any time. 

Read our full terms and conditions for contractors.

Now we’ve laid the law, what’s in it for you?

Your services are important to us and we want to build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with you to ensure everyone is winning. You win, the customers win and Digital Estate wins.

We all have our part to play here. Digital Estate provides the connection between a need and a solution, the customer provides the need, and you provide the solution. Everyone needs to get something for their part in the process.

Our Current Commission Rates

Commission rates will change over time and when they do, we will let you know. Below we cover the current commission rates for content. This will also be provided in the task description in our task management system so you always know exactly what you can make on each task.

Commission for Writers:

Payment is on a per-word basis and is paid based on the order, once the order is finalised and accepted by the client. If you write an additional 10, 20, or 1000 words, you will not be paid for that content. As long as you reach the minimum, you are good.

For Content Outline Specialists: $12.50 per 500 word outline.

For Blog Content: $.05 Per Word. – This is $25 per 500 word article.

For Website Content: $0.07 Per Word. – This is $35 per 500 words of web copy.

For Neuron Writer Optimised Content: $0.1 Per Word. This is $50 per 500 words of SEO optimised content.

Bonuses & Incentives: We offer a volume bonus for content writers who produce over 10,000 words in a calendar month. 

All content accepted by the customer over 10,000 words in any calendar month will be paid at:

For Blog Content: $0.06 Per Word. – This is $30 per 500 word article.

For Website Content: $0.08 Per Word. – This is $40 per 500 words of web copy.

For Neuron Writer Optimised Content: $0.11 Per Word. This is $55 per 500 words of NeuronWriter-optimised content.

Use this calculator to work out what you could earn

{Very simple calculator where user selects words for each of the above and see’s weekly/monthly/yearly earnings.}

Guidelines for Writers

Creating your best content the first time will result in earning a higher commission, as you will be able to create more, better content that will be accepted faster by customers. Below we cover some of the guidelines you must follow when writing for Digital Estate and our customer base.

  1. Read, understand and follow the guidelines in this Grammarly article.
  2. Write your best content every time. Don’t risk wasting time by trying to complete content you are not 100% certain you are capable of completing on time and to a high standard.
  3. Write using English NZ/AU standards.
  4. All content must pass copyscape.
  5. All content must be grammatically correct. Use Grammarly.
  6. All content must pass Copyleaks AI detection.
  7. You must follow the task outline precisely, ensuring everything is covered. This includes internal/external links, keywords, headings, wordcount and everything else in the guideline.
  8. You must submit your content within the task deadline.
  9. You must complete revisions within the revisions deadline.
  10. The customer is always right.
  11. Reach out to support if you have a problem, request or suggestion.
  12. Digital Estate always has the right to cancel your account, for no reason, without any warnings.
  13. Accepting a task means you accept our terms and conditions.

For reference, here is a task outline. Here is an acceptable standard of content, based on that outline.

Content Writer Onboarding

We have strict guidelines and quality control for all our writers to ensure a smooth operation and a happy customer experience.

When applying for this position we will provide you with free training to outline what is required. At the end of this training, you will be tested to make sure you understand what is expected, how the process works and when you will be paid for your services. Passing this test is a pre-requisite for being accepted into our freelancer writing jobs board.

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