The 4 Best SEO Rank Tracker Tools | Software Review [2023]

Best SEO Rank Tracker Tools

If you’re trying to make your website more visible online, you’ve probably heard of those helpful tools for tracking your SEO score. These digital tools are necessary for website owners and digital marketers looking to impact the online world.

However, choosing the ideal one can feel overwhelming with the variety of options available. If you need help on how to track keyword rankings, then here is our selection of the best SEO rank tracker tools ready to assist you. We carefully considered their benefits, drawbacks, and unique qualities. Take notes to help you choose the best SEO tool for your needs! 

What is Rank Tracking?

Rank tracking is analysing a website’s placement in SERPs for particular keywords or phrases. It is an important component of SEO that enables digital marketers to comprehend how their online content is doing regarding exposure on search engines.

It regularly measures the ranks of specific keywords or phrases for a website. This information enables website owners and SEO specialists to:

  • Evaluate SEO efforts 
  • Do competitor analysis 
  • Monitor keyword performance
  • Plan content strategy 
  • Keep up changes in the algorithm 
  • Track your goals 

What is a Rank Tracker Tool?

A search engine rank-tracking software tracks where websites rank for particular keywords on SERPs. These tools show information on your site’s ranking for selected keywords and competitive standing by delivering useful statistics about your site’s visibility.

Why is a Rank Tracker Tool Important for SEO?

Importance of Rank Tracker Tool in SEO

It’s simpler to hunt for improvements, spot flaws, or gauge the effectiveness of your SEO methods when you have the best SEO rank tracker at your disposal. The position of your website in the SERPs is an important SEO metric. Typically, increased organic traffic and more conversions follow higher rankings. 

As a result, a rank tracker tool is essential for setting SEO objectives, evaluating results, and modifying tactics based on data. 

What to Look for When Selecting the Best SEO Rank Tracker Tool?

What To Look For in a SEO Rank Tracker

There are several choices for the best SEO rank tracker tools available for businesses. But which one is the most ideal for you? Here are four characteristics to consider for the best rank-checking software for your needs:

  • Consider a tool that can provide you with accurate and current data
  • It should have many features to help you with SEO tactics, such as keyword research, competitor analysis, and reporting.
  • Reliable customer support is a must, especially when facing tool problems. 
  • Buying a rank tracker is an investment. Consider pricing options that fit your business needs and budget. 

Let’s take a closer at our top four picks for best SEO rank tracker software:


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Ahrefs is one of the best SEO rank tracker software with features that help businesses improve their online performance. It allows its users to monitor their website’s performance, see through competitors’ strategies, and identify different growth opportunities.

Features for Rank Tracking


  • Tracks the keyword ranks in specific locations for your SEO strategy. 
  • Oversees your competitors’ rankings for the same keywords. 
  • Provides data on SERP features for your tracked keywords.


  • Offers a wide database of backlinks, keywords, and search data 
  • Has a user-friendly interface, making it easy to navigate various tools effectively.
  • Has other SEO tools in the application to allow users to manage multiple aspects of their SEO campaign.


  • Can be expensive for smaller businesses. 
  • Has complex functions that may be difficult for first-timers.


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SEMrush is a digital marketing tool that aids businesses in enhancing their online presence and optimise marketing strategies. This best SEO rank tracker software can give valuable insights into their own and their competitors’ performance and identify opportunities for improvement across SEO, paid advertising, content marketing, and social media campaigns. 

Features for Rank Tracking


  • Identifies SERP features that appear for keywords.
  • Shows visibility trends for an overview of their website’s visibility and performance
  • Generates reports for users on keyword rankings, metrics, and other relevant data.
  • Monitors competitors’ strategies and identifies areas for your improvement.


  • Offers various tools to manage all your digital marketing needs in one application.
  • Provides data access for keyword analytics and backlink profiles
  • Presents a thorough competitor analysis capabilities


  • SEMrush has a lot of functions which can be overwhelming for SEO beginners. 
  • The price point is more expensive compared to other tools. 


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Serpstat is a highly adaptable software that assists businesses in improving their online visibility and search engine rankings. The platform provides valuable information about search trends, volume, and competition to help its users make crucial decisions to optimise their website’s content and SEO efforts.

Key Features for Rank Tracking


  • Tracks keywords and phrases on different search engines to see how they perform.
  • Compares keyword rankings with their rivals and identify areas for improvement.
  • Shows historical data on keyword rankings.


  • Provides a cost-effective option for businesses.
  • Offers a versatile platform for managing SEO in one application. 
  • Presents a simple interface for beginners and experienced SEO professionals.


  • Database may be less extensive, which can impact its functions. 
  • Advanced features can be challenging to learn for users new to SEO.

SE Ranking

SE Ranking is an all-in-one search engine and one of the best SEO rank tracker software that allows online businesses to optimise their online visibility. It offers solutions for keyword tracking, competitor analysis, backlink monitoring, audits, and more. 

Features for Rank Tracking

SE Ranking:

  • Calculates a visibility index that indicates the overall search visibility.
  • Tracks keyword rankings for mobile searches.
  • Allows access and integrates tracking data from other applications or dashboards.


  • Provides an extensive collection of SEO tools for managing various aspects of SEO
  • Offers competitive pricing plans for businesses of different sizes and budgets
  • Contains an easy-to-use interface


  • Keyword database is less extensive than other SEO tools
  • Interface can be slow or experience occasional lags

The Best Rank Tracker Tools Compared

Each tool offers unique features that cater to different SEO packages. Let’s compare the tools to determine the best SEO rank tracker software for your business needs.

AhrefsSEMrushSerpstatSE Ranking 
Data AccuracyReliable, up-to-date dataExtensive databaseDetailed and real-time data Accurate details on SEO performance
FunctionsBacklink analysis Competitor analysis and historical data trackingTracking local and global search results. Keyword research and SERP features monitoring. 
Customer ServiceEmails and community forumLive chats, emails and documentationEmails and live chats Dedicated account manager 
Pricing (Monthly) Starts at $99Starts at $129.95Starts at $50Starts at $44

Final Thoughts

SEO rank tracking is a crucial part of digital marketing, and having the right tool can make a huge difference. Ultimately, your choice depends on what your business needs. 

The world of SEO is ever-evolving, so feature-rich rank tracker tools are more in demand. As the digital landscape becomes more competitive, these tools can help you stay ahead and propel your business forward. 

Choosing the best SEO rank tracker software is investing in your website’s future, so choose carefully! Also, if you’re looking for a reliable service provider, Digital Estate can help you with your SEO needs. Contact us today and learn more about our SEO packages.

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