15 Advanced Link Building Techniques: Build Authority Faster

Advanced Link Building Techniques

Link building is critical to effective SEO and digital marketing, especially in 2023. Any SEO company knows it’s more important than ever to have a solid link-building strategy in place. As a digital marketing agency, we’re always seeking new and innovative link-building techniques to help our clients stand out. If you’re interested in saving time and cutting straight to results, check out our SEO packages, where we use the most effective link-building strategies.

Here are the key takeaways we’ll learn in this article when it comes to advanced link building with modern and creative techniques.

Key Takeaways

  • Always provide value to gain better links more frequently
  • Start building relationships with experts in your industry
  • Focus on high-quality content
  • Leverage technology to improve results
  • Reverse engineer your competitors
  • Advanced link building can take time and experience

What is Advanced Link Building?

What Are Advanced Link Building Techniques

I like to think of advanced link building as the methods used to build backlinks for your site that most people are not aware of. These backlink strategies go beyond typical link-building practices to build more authoritative, relevant, and high-quality links in order to improve website visibility. This type of building links requires a greater level of research, creativity, and technical know-how than regular backlinking strategies. 

In this article, we’ll look at some of the most advanced link building tips you can use to improve your website’s visibility and authority. We’ll cover everything regarding advanced link building ideas, from creating original research to leveraging your networks, and even throw in creative tactics like Guestographics and Instructographics. Let’s dive in!

Skyscraper Tactic: Build on Existing Content

The Skyscraper Tactic is a popular link-building strategy that involves finding high-performing content in your niche and creating something even better. Once you’ve created better content, you reach out to people who have linked to the original content and encourage them to link to your new and enhanced version.

At Digital Estate, we’ve seen great results with this strategy for our clients, and it’s a proven way to build high-quality backlinks.

Spy Technique: Learn from Your Competitors

Learn from Your Competitors

To outperform your competitors, you need to know what they are doing for their outreach and SEO strategy. This involves completing an SEO benchmark to dive deep into your top competitor’s strategies. An advanced SEO link analysis tool can help you build high-quality content to outperform them. This link-building method involves researching the backlinks of your competitors with backlink analysis tools like SEMrush and identifying opportunities for you to get similar links. Using specialized backlink research tools, you can analyze a website’s link profile and develop a customized link-building plan to help you gain excellent links and outrank them. We often provide this service while doing competitor research for a new advanced link building campaign.

It is like having case studies concerning SEO, websites, and competitors, but you must quickly make sense of them. Special tools allow you to do link analysis and make the most of SEO and digital marketing information. 

Guestographics and Instructographics: Get Creative with Visuals

Guestographics and Instructographics are creative ways to build links. These techniques involve creating visually appealing and informative graphics and offering them to other websites for a link to your site. 

Publish Original Research: Establish Yourself as an Authority

Creating original research is a great way to also build a link back to your website and establish yourself as an authority in your industry. By researching a specific topic and publishing your findings, you can attract links from other websites that want to reference your work. Although this method is time-consuming, it will set you apart as an industry leader.

Mention Influencers and Become a Thought Leader: Create Relationships

Mention Influencers

Mentioning influencers in your content is a smart way to reach out to the website and include a link. By including influencers in your content, you can catch their attention and get them to share your content with their audience, resulting in more backlinks. Becoming a thought leader in your industry is also an effective way to build links. By writing high-quality content that establishes you as an authority, your advanced link building efforts will be efficient because other websites will want to reference your work.

Use Content Curation: Share Relevant Content

When it comes to SEO and advanced link building, using content curation is another effective way to build links. Content curation is the process of discovering and sharing valuable content related to your niche or industry. By taking this approach, you not only offer value to your audience but can also build backlinks that could potentially increase website traffic.

The key here? Finding quality content – something informative, engaging, and easily digestible by readers in your target demographic. To do so efficiently, explore popular sources like social media channels, news websites, and blogs associated with corresponding topics!

Step 1: Find the Best Content

Searching for the right content that you want to curate can be a task, but when you find those special pieces of information that stand out from the rest, it all becomes worth it.

To find the best content, use tools like:

  • SEMrush
  • Buzzsumo
  • Ahrefs
  • Google Discover
  • Social media
  • News sites

Make sure whatever is selected speaks directly to your target audience with informative concepts expressed in an easy-to-grasp format.

Step 2: Share the Content and Give Credit

Once you’ve identified the ideal content, show your audience that not only do you provide them with value but also credibility by sharing it and linking back to its originator. Your followers will appreciate knowing who created what they are consuming – giving credit where it’s due!

Step 3: Build Relationships

Construct relationships with people in your field and beyond by taking the time to showcase their work! Reaching out once content is shared can open up many doors, from potential collaborations to increased web traffic through backlinks to your website. Make sure you take the initiative today – what could it lead to tomorrow?

Step 4: Monitor and Update

Keep your digital content fresh and engaging! It’s essential to stay on top of the latest news – make sure any links you share remain valid so that users get access to valuable sources. On top of this, by consistently curating relevant materials for followers and linking back to your own site with quality-rich backlinks –you can ensure maximum value is delivered daily.

Content marketing is the key to driving traffic and improving your search engine rankings. By staying on top of content updates, you can develop connections with other website owners while also giving valuable insight to your audience. When done right, content campaigns bring high-quality backlinks plus a boost in reputation! Take advantage of this powerful tool today and watch as it propels your site success even higher!

Create an Abundance of Content and Supportive Tools: Diversify Your Strategy

Create an Abundance of Content and Supportive Tools Diversify Your Strategy

Creating high-quality content is a proven way to attract more backlinks. You can attract them from many websites by creating diverse content, including blog posts, infographics, videos, and more. In addition to great content, creating supportive tools such as calculators and interactive maps is also a great way to build connections.

A tool or widget is an integral part of your advanced link-building strategy, particularly technical SEO, one that allows you to bring things to the next level by creating an effective content marketing ploy for your products or services. Tools like Buzzsumo and Ahrefs Content Explorer are great tools to help you improve your advanced link building capabilities, improving your off-page SEO efforts to boost your rankings. You can use a simple one like a keyword or one that allows you to set up Google alerts to promote your product further.

Creating Quality Guest Posts

This is the process of creating and writing content as a guest on another blog. In exchange, many blog owners will allow you to link back to your website from the content you create. In this sense, they reward you for writing quality content for their audience by allowing you to have some of the traffic feed through your link back to your own site.

When creating a guest post, it’s important to aim for quality and remember you are writing to their audience, not your own. We offer premium guest posting services as a standalone service, as well as within all our advanced link building and search engine optimisation campaigns for clients. It’s effective when done right.

Advanced Link Building Tactics: Influencer Link Building and Building a Link Pyramid, Boost Your Authority

Influencer Link Building and Building a Link Pyramid Boost Your Authority

Influencer link building involves reaching out to influential people in your industry and getting them to link back to your site. It would be better if you could do a hat link building, which allows for further link acquisition and builds a series of networks, which is very important in the world of SEO.   Building a link pyramid is a technique that involves creating multiple tiers of backlinks to your site, starting with high-quality backlinks and then linking to those links to boost their authority.

Link Opportunities and SEO: Create Link-Rich Wikis and Get Listed

Creating a link-rich wiki is a great way to attract more links. Creating a comprehensive resource on a particular topic can attract them from other websites that want to reference your work. Getting listed in round-up posts is another effective way to create links. By reaching out to websites that create round-up posts in your industry, you can get listed as a top resource, which can attract valuable backlinks to your site.

Another way is to use maximize search engines to find links easily to your site or highlight your URL. A keyword can also lead others to a piece of content you are promoting.

Optimise Your Resource Page: Offer Updated Content, Infographics, Stay Current

Offering updated and new content is a smart way to gain the attention of other sites. Updating existing content and promoting the updates can attract attention from other websites that want to link to your quality content. At Digital Estate, we can help you identify opportunities for updating and publishing new content, including helping create a plan to promote those updates.

Advanced Link Building Strategies: Leverage Your Networks, Build Relationships with Peers

Leveraging your networks is an effective way to build links. Creating relationships with peers in your industry and collaborating on content can connect your site to other websites that want to link to your collaborative content. LinkMiner is an excellent tool to help you identify opportunities for collaboration and build relationships with influencers in your industry.

Broken Link Building: Link Reclamation and Fix Broken Links: Optimise Your Backlinks

Optimize Your Backlinks

Broken backlink building involves finding broken backlinks on other websites and reaching out to the site owner to suggest a replacement link to your site. By doing this, you not only provide value to the site owner by helping them fix their broken links, but you may also get a valuable backlink to your site.

Here’s how to get started with broken backlink building:

Step 1: Find broken links

The first step is to find broken links related to your industry or niche. You can do this by using various tools like Ahrefs, SEMrush or Google Search Console. Look for websites that have broken links on pages with high domain authority, as these are more likely to provide valuable backlinks.

Step 2: Reach out to the site owner

Being proactive when it comes to fellow webmasters’ website maintenance can be hugely beneficial. When you find a broken link on a site, you’d like a link from, reach out and let them know. Offer your own relevant page as a potential solution for a quick and easy way to generate a backlink while providing value. By providing them with the URL and highlighting why it’s a good fit for their needs, you’ll demonstrate that not only have you noticed their broken link but also take pride in having something of value to bring to the table!

Step 3: Follow up

If a broken link continues to remain unfixed, don’t give up hope! Consider sending another friendly message, as it may be the nudge needed for action, and bring your suggested replacement one step closer. Be sure also to check if they’re simply unaware of what was initially sent–you never know until you ask again!

Step 4: Monitor your backlinks

Finally, once you’ve secured a new backlink, make sure to monitor it regularly with a tool like SEMrush to ensure it’s still live and relevant. Keep in mind that broken backlink building is an ongoing process, so be sure to keep searching for new opportunities and building relationships with site owners in your industry.

Find Brand Mentions: Capitalize on Your Brand

Finding brand mentions is an intelligent way to build links, the most used of those advanced link building tips to boost anyone’s content. By monitoring the web for mentions of your brand and reaching out to website owners to get them to turn those mentions into backlinks, you can attract a valuable link to your website. If you’re looking for a company that can help you find brand mentions, we can help.

A Tip In Content Marketing: Outreach, Build Content Assets, Add Value

When it comes to advanced link building strategies, producing quality content is a proven way to help build valuable links. You can attract other sites from high-authority websites by getting media attention and creating buzz around your brand. In this way, you can promote your content while engaging still in a link building campaign, increasing further exposure.

There are many strategies that you can use to improve your website’s authority and visibility. It does not end when content is published; sometimes, you need a great link to attract people. Attracting the right audience takes time, and getting good backlinks can be tricky. If you’re looking to outsource your backlink building, check out our backlink service, where we use some of the techniques covered above to attract valuable backlinks to your site. If you would prefer a complete search engine optimisation service, including technical SEO, content and backlinks, learn more about how we can help with our search engine packages.

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